Holidays in Architecture 
      in Stalin Era Style

This holiday apartment is located on the first floor in one of the monuments of the real socialist construction period of the 50‘s.

The living room extends into the famous avenue, Frankfurter Allee You get a good view of the towers of the Frankfurter Tor (“Frankfurt Gate”) in the Karl-Marx-Avenue and you look right down to the TV-Tower at Alexanderplatz.
The apartment is only a few yards removed from the tube station „Frankfurt Tor“, where the Karl-Marx and the Frankfurt Avenue, the Warschauer Straße (Warsaw Road) and the Petersburger Straße (Petersburg Road) meet. This huge building complex is part of the „Stalin buildings“.

These are often seen in movies, the best-known example being „Das Leben der Anderen“ - „The lives of the others“, directed by Florian Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck ( 2006 one of the nominees for best foreign language film Oscar).

In one of the last scenes of this film we see the ex-Stasi-Hauptmann, Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Mühe) walking along the Frankfurt Avenue distributing leaflets in the mail boxes. Dreymann, played by Sebastian Koch, slowly follows in a car and watches the ex-agent.
The short-let apartment has just  been renovated. The stuffy charm which it may have once had is gone, replaced by modern furniture, each detail designed for your comfort.The location still shows the architectural look of the fifties, reflected in the apartment by original lamps of this time.


Special thanks to Mrs Anneliese Ashiwaju for the English translation, courteousy also to Philip Clark.

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